Xavier Devkit Shutdowns in Max-N mode?

I have an object detection model I’ve trained with the Tensorflow object detection API. I converted the model using tf-trt and am running inference on the Xavier devkit on images supplied from a RealSense D435. I’m using ROS to exchange data between nodes, and am visualizing the outputs in Rviz. No other programs are running.

After booting the Xavier for the first time today, I ran the pipeline and after about 30 minutes, the Xavier shut off without warning. I then rebooted the Xavier and reinitialized the pipeline, and it shuts off after a minute or two of running the pipeline. The devkit does not shut down when simply idling.

I’m running the Xavier in MAX_N mode (via nvpmodel), and have used jetson_clocks.sh to set the fan to maximum and set the cores to their maximum clock speed. My original thought was that the device was overheating, so I inspected the output of tegrastats to check temperatures, but all reported temperatures were somewhere between 35-45C, which I believe is safe. The PMIC was reporting 100C, but I have never seen that number change (across multiple Xaviers), so I believe it not be correctly reporting. I also noticed that the Xavier is drawing approximately 39W from the wall (as measured by my meter) when running the aforementioned pipeline.

What are possible reasons for the shutdowns? Could it still be a thermal issue? Are there other issues I should be aware of?

I replaced the power supply and seem to have resolved these issues temporarily. I upgraded from a 65W power supply (equivalent to the one which comes with the Xavier dev kit) to a 100W power supply.

We haven’t been able to find a small / lightweight powered USB C hub, so we’re forced to power directly from the Xavier. This is the one we’re using right now:


With the new adapter I’ve been running the inference pipeline for nearly 2 hours without any problems. Seems like the power supply was the issue.

We have the USB 3.0 port used by another device (in the complete integration). I’d appreciate links ot the PD USB C hubs if you can share them.

I’m having the same issue what brand of power supply is working for you?

See this post for USB-C Power Delivery adapters from the Supported Components List:


Apple and Dell have 90W USB-C power adapters available.