Xavier industrial storage

Xavier industrial storage 64GB eMMC,flash the system, execute df -h, /dev/mmcblk0p1 size 28GB, sudo fdisk -l ,/dev/mmcblk0p11 30.8GB.
Can’t the whole 64GB eMMC be used as a store for roofs?

If you use the entire space for the rootfs, then you will not be able to use A/B boot safety.

If that’s OK, then assuming that the partition table maps the two big partitions physically next to each other, then you should be able to remove the second partition, extend the first partition to cover that area to, and finally run resize2fs to make the boot volume use the full device.

If there are partitions in between the two, you need to fir make arrangements to move those partitions out of the way, which probably means a fair bit of partition copying with “dd” and re-jiggering. If you’re not comfortable with “gedit” and “dd” and generally how partition tables work, I would not recommend it.

Thank you for your reply.
I don’t understand what the 64GB eMMC is for . I tried to mount mmcblk0p11 mount /mnt , but couldn’t mount it. How to use mmcblk0p11?

Hi baijianping1989,

You can use -S command to adjust rootfs size:
Examples: set rootfs size to 50GB.

$ sudo ./flash.sh -S 53687091200 jetson-agx-xavier-industrial mmcblk0p1