Xavier NX CSI-2 Raw data acquisition

we would like to use the Xavier NX kit to validate a device which streams data via CSI-2 4-lanes at 2.5Gbps. The fact is that this device is using the MIPI to stream data which is not in a standard Picture/Video format and we would need to get the raw data dumped to a PC for post-processing. RAW8 format would be a suitable format for us or even just get the Packet-header + packet-data + packet-footer dumped in a feed-thru. Is his going to be feasible with this kit? How much effort with the use of the provided SDKs? Any limitation from the Processor point of view regarding the number of lines and pixel per line that can be acquired?

Thank you very much in advance

Suppose follow the MIPI spec should be support. And NX camera connect only support 2 lanes may need HW rework or design customized carrier board for it.

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