Xavier NX Memory Constrained Installs

Hello all!

I have a Xavier NX with 15 GB built-in memory, no SD card slot, and I’m trying to use Tensorflow2, Opencv3/4, and CUDA for inferencing. However, I can’t seem to get all three on the board at once due to memory limitations.

When I use the Jetpack 4.4 install, without Deepstream, I am left with 500 MB of space and no Tensorflow.
When I use the Jetpack 4.4 install with only the OS, I have 9 GB, and installing the latest CUDA leaves me with 2 GB.

I have two questions:

  1. Is there a way to install Tensorflow2, OpenCV, and CUDA all at once in only 9 GB of space?
  2. Can I replace installing CUDA with the L4T-CUDA that comes with Jetpack 4.4 when I install only the OS? If so is there anything special I need to do to make this work?

Thank you all for any help you can provide!


Suppose you are talking about the disk amount rather than the system memory.

1. SDKManager should automatically install OpenCV/CUDA for you.
The only extra package you need to install is TensorFlow.
It’s recommended to use our prebuilt package that is specified for Jetson platform:

2 The CUDA toolkit for Jetson platform do come from JetPack.
The package from website is from desktop user and cannot be used on the Xavier.


There seems to be very little space left after Jetpack install. Maybe removing some unused programs (openoffice, games etc.) in default jetpack install would be a good idea? Just like there is Ubuntu Base image. Sadly for Ubuntu (or Linux in general) it is not trivial to expand system storage via sd card, as a lot of stuff depends on root folders.

you might be able to add some external storage e.g. ssd/ usb stick, whatever and mount it e.g. as /home or a set of folders so that it will be used as an extension