Internal memory low ,how to download and installing packages in jetson xavier nx module

iam having jetson xavier nx module kit ,in that internal module memory is 16GB ,i want to install more packages like cuda,tensorflow,opencv etc .what is the solution for that.

Please refer to below topic to see if can help:

Using external memory like (pendrive or memory card),we download packages like opencv,cuda,cudnn,pytroch,tensorflow etc, sudo apt-get install all packages and run the code on the external memory without help of internal memory. Is it possible ?

You may move rootfs to external storage. Please refer to
Jetson/L4T/Boot From External Device -

I have a nano module computer, I want to move the os to sd card via USB , I follow the steps to 3rd step, After I use the

sudo tar -cpf - * | ( cd /mnt/ ; sudo tar -xpf - )

( is the “rootfs” means “/” ? ) , the computer copy all the bin, boot , dev … folders.

Now It freezes in

tar: sys/devices/cpu-throttle-alert/driver_override: File shrank by 4089 bytes; padding with zeros

and never be done.

What should I do?

You probably don’t do this step correctly:

  // go to rootfs directory
  $ cd rootfs/

If you have downloaded system image through SDKManager on thr host PC, you should see sample rootfs in