Xavier PCIe connected problem with controller 1

we used xavier as root complex, other device as endpoint, connected with controller 1 , here are my serial port log, i wonder what does this error mean??
Xavier串口log.txt (655.0 KB)
specially this error
[0014.871] C> Failed to link up controller-1
[0014.872] W> Failed tegrabl_pcie_soc_init(), error=0x12
[0014.873] I> Failed to initialize SoC Host PCIe controller
[0014.873] E> tegrabl_nvme_init: Failed tegrabl_pcie_init(1); error=0x12
[0014.873] W> tegrabl_nvme_bdev_open: Failed NVME INIT; error=0x80800612
[0014.874] W> Failed to open NVME-1, err = 80800612
[0014.878] W> Failed to initialize device 10-1
[0014.883] E> NVME (1) boot failed, err: 0x80800612

Is it a custom board or nv devkit?
Are you using a NVMe SSD as a boot device? This is bootloader log which is using NVMe as first boot device to boot and it fails.

There are lots of pcie controller over the jetson, so it may try to scan multiple buses. You don’t need to worry about some error if you already have one NVMe got scanned.

Hi, Thanks for your answer, we are using custom board , when i use the agx xavier as RC i cannot find ep device, i wonder if there would be any way to check our hardware is ok? I try lspci and there was nothing , if i only use xavier in development board, i use lspci it shows SATA controller and PCIe bridge, butr for now ,its nothing there, so do u have any method that i can try to check hardware?


Are you able to dump the dmesg? Your log seems a little bit messy and has lots of unrelated logs.

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