Yolov5 docker container cannot detect GPU/CUDA on Jetson Orin

Hello everyone,

I have a problem with my yolov5 docker container. I have load my yolov5 container from [Preformatted text](https://hub.docker.com/r/ultralytics/yolov5). I have researched about the similar topic and problem, which were caused by torch and torchvision version. However, I have update torch to version 1.13 and torchvision to version 0.14 for my container.

I have check that my Jetson Orin got CUDA and its version is 11.4. I have also run jetson-inference container with CUDA without any problems and the container could detect CUDA on Orin.

Thank you so much


Not sure if the container has been built with GPU/CUDA support.

Could you give our NGC container a try?


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