YOLOv5 on Jetson Orin not use GPU

Hello team

I have a problem with the YOLOv5 since torch not detect GPU, the application run on CPU and have terrible performance. I have researched other topics in this forum but all related to CUDA not detect and not help me.

Thank you in advance.

Now YOLOv5 can detect and use the GPU by install the PyTorch follow the instruction ( Won’t detect GPU,CUDA if install pytorch from pip ) PyTorch for Jetson with the newest Pytorch 1.13 https://developer.download.nvidia.cn/compute/redist/jp/v502/pytorch/1.13.0a0+d0d6b1f2.nv22.09

Still mismatch the torch and torchvision, I also follow GitHub - pytorch/vision: Datasets, Transforms and Models specific to Computer Vision get torch 1.12.0 and torchvision 1.12.0 but not help me. So I update both of them to lasted version 1.13 but not help too

Perharp Nvidia member can help me to solve this problem to make the comprehensive setup guideline for new user ^^.


Our user reports that the combination of PyTorch nv22.09 + TorchVision 0.15.0 is working.
Could you please give it a try?

More, we also have a container that includes PyTorch and TorchVision together.


Hi @AastaLLL

The first solution work for me. Thank you for point out solution ^^

Good to know it works.
Thanks for the update.

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