Your feedback + Christmas gift

Hi guys,

We noticed that you are struggling with our documentation in terms of not finding the right entry point for you getting started.
Besides, some of you are not aware of where to find our samples or tutorials and need more help to understand our API, even after having scanned our sample code. We are also well aware of the broken search bar, which will be fixed soon.

Therefore, we want to make your life easier so that you familiarize with our hardware and software stack more profound and faster.

In order to tackle these issues, we need your feedback. Please share us your experience of working with our samples, tutorials and API.
What is it that you find missing, that needs more explanation and that you wish to be included but isn’t?
Share us the very ugly, the bad and also the good - we will address it and we will make it better!

Since Christmas is not far away from now, we will give out 1 of 10 NVIDIA T-shirts to each of you who contributes on this or the DPX2 related post until Tuesday, 3pm CET+2 and got chosen randomly under all contributors. Your Christmas gift will then be shipped as soon as possible.

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  1. SOP of Migration procedure.
    I use DriveWork from 0.6 to v1.0 in PX2 and DRIVE Xavier and always suffer from migration phase. I always need to uninstall SDK/PDK then reinstall, finally flashing all of my old data in DRIVE platform then install again.
  2. Difference design of architectures between SDK/PDK. Not easy to overview or insight the new chance in new PDK/SDK, and impact to older version (e.g. based on v0.6) of program design in newer DRIVEWORK (e.g. v1.0) platform.