Unable to find DriveSDK after flashing with SDK



I have followed all the steps according to this video. However, I am unable to find


folder on the host PC after successful flashing to Xavier A+B. Do you recommend installing a fresh copy of Linux and flash again?

I have the driveworks-1.2 from a old previous version of the software. But that one uses CUDA 9 and doesn’t work on the AGX platform, which has CUDA 10.0.

  • Is it possible to manually download the SDK and dw_samples from somewhere?
  • Can you please help me to get the latest version of driveworks?

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Oscar,
Did you select Host as well when flashing the board. Could you check installing again and let us know if you still face the issue. In step 3, you can actually see what all are installed on host machine.

Dear Oscar,

We haven’t merged 5.1.x.x PDK and the latest DriveWorks SDK yet.
So could you please use DRIVE Software 8.0 if you want to use DriveWorks samples?

Please refer to the image below https://photos.app.goo.gl/sTRC3vFLQznJwYVc8
I did try reinstalling a couple times actually and made sure I am using partners account, not the developer account and making sure everything is selected before installing.

Let me know if there is some command I need to run manually, feel free to point me in that direction.

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Hi SteveNV,

That makes sense. This brings 2 questions.

  1. Do you have an official release date that you can comment on?

But it still doesn’t solve the issue completely. The problem with the old software is that it flashes an image for AutoChauffer/AutoCruise images which seems to cause a conflict with CUDA versions. After cross-compiling the SDK samples and transfering them to the Dev board, it doesn’t find correct dynamic libraries(.so). Typing

ldd <binary_name>

shows that it is looking for the wrong CUDA version library. Some of the paths are not correct.

I don’t think I have access to DRIVE Software 8.0
2. Can you point me to a download URL or something?

Thanks and Regards,

Dear Oscar,

  1. Next coming up SW release plan is in May.
  2. Do you have a DEVZONE(developer.nvidia.com) account?
    If so, you can find DRIVE Software 8.0 in STEP01 on SDK manager.