0: ALLOCATE: xxxx bytes requested; not enough memory

When I use Start Debug option to run my code I have no problems. But when I switch to Start without Debugging I get this error “0: ALLOCATE: xxxx bytes requested; not enough memory”.

I searched through the forum and I found this threat:


I put -Mlarge_arrays option in Fortran’s Command Line but when I built my solution it says: “pgfortran-Info-The -Mlarge_arrays switch only applies to 64-bit compilers

How i can overcome this in 32bit systems?

I’m using PGI Visual Fortran 2010 v10.9 (32bit compiler)

Hi mariospapa10,

In bguler’s case, I believe he was trying to allocate a single array greater than 2GB which simply is allowed in 32-bits. Are you also trying to allocate this large of an array?

Other possible reasons are:

  1. Your system ran simply out of memory. This is unlikely but possible.
  2. A bogus value is being used for the allocation size. This more likely the cause.

What is the size of the allocation? Is this the expected size?

  • Mat

The size of the allocation is about 10 MBytes!!!
No, the size mentioned on the error message is bigger than 10 Mbytes!!!

Hi mariospapa10,

Sorry, I’m not sure then. Can you post and example or send one to PGI Customer Support (trs@pgroup.com)?