PGI13.10 error in running the program


I have met the problem when I running my program ,and I cannot find the cause,so please help me

The error is: 0:ALLOCATE:8 bytes requested; not enough memory


Hi bigwbxu,

This typically means that when your program tried to allocate memory, there wasn’t enough.

Though, is there more information you can give? Ideally, you would post a reproducing example but we understand that this not always possible. But more information about what you’re doing would be helpful.

  • Mat


I cannot send you the codes ,but I can told you something about my work.

I have two programs,the first one is used to generate random spheres which the radius in a range.Then the coordinates and the radius of the above spheres compose a file with a Suffix (.d).

The other one is used to call the (.d)file to compute the interaction when the spheres are gived initial velocity or displacement.

My classment have done that successfully with IVF or CVF.But when I used PVF,the error appeared.

There are many arrays and pointers in my code.And I used allocate(a(n)) statement to allocate memory for them . I think the allocate array is ok ,and I suspect the error is caused by the pointers,so do you have any suggests ? Does the PVF have some appoint about the pointer ?Or may I allocate memory for pointer?


Hi bigwbxu,

Unfortunately without an example, I can only guess.

On thought is that you’re possibly allocating an array of pointers that is exceeding 32-bit address space. Can you try adding “-Mlarge_arrays”?



I have resolved my problem,the error is caused by my program,thank you for your attention.