10 seconds black screen between login window and desktop availability in a fresh install Ubuntu 20.04.1 (is it normal?)


I have done a fresh installation of Ubuntu 20.04.1 with proprietary drivers option enabled. Therefore, the installation process also have installed the nvidia drivers 440.100.

I have noticed that Ubuntu takes about 10 seconds (in a black window) between the login window (after entering the password) and displaying the desktop.

Is that normal?

This is the first time that I use a nvidia card (rtx 2060) with Linux, so I have no previous experience of Nvidia behaviour in Linux. Up to now, I have been using either AMD or integrated graphics video and I have never observed such long time between the login window and the availability of the desktop. Could the 10 seconds black window be the loading time of the nvidia driver?

Thanks in advance for any help to understand the issue.