16.1: pgf90-Warning--Mprof=mpich is not supported

I updated the compiler to the newest version (16.1) and run into trouble when I compile my sources. With 15.10 there was no problem.
It’s a mpi application so I used -Mprof=func,mpich for compiling and linking.
With the new version I get

pgf90-Warning--Mprof=mpich is not supported

during the compiling and

unresolved reference to `mpi_init_'

during linking.

I assume this has to do with the replacement of the mpi version that comes with the compile (openmpi instead of mpich) but do not know what I have to do to solve this problem.

Hi Hendrun,

We changed profilers so that PGPROF has merged with NVPROF so you can now profile both CPU and GPU code together. However our old instrumented profiling, i.e. -Mprof, is no longer supported.

Instead, you should use the “-Mmpi=mpich” flag or set your PATH to include the MPI drivers, then invoke mpif90 instead of pgf90.

Hope this helps,