2.0.0-9 ibdump does not work with firmware version 2.7.000


I am new to this forum. :-)

We tried to run ibdump to look for multicast traffic.

The 2.0.0-9 ibdump barfs on device FW version:

-E- Device firmware version (2.7.000) does not support ethernet sniffing. Required 2.11.1140 or higher

but ibdump 1.0.6 seemed to work.

Is this a regression? I got the 2.0.0-9 from MLNX OFED 2.4.1 release. How do I get the

mentioned 2.11.1140 or higher version?



Ah, I interpreted the error message incorrectly.

The “2.11.1140” is actually meant the version of firmware, not the version of ibdump.

That makes sense now. Sorry for the noise. Not a good way to join a forum. :-(


What HCA are we talking about ?

mst start

flint -d /dev/mst/mt***pciconf0 q


Those were ConnectX, old systems that were retired to test lab.

Since we can still use ibdump 1.0.6 we are OK.

I posted the question because I mistakenly thought there was a newer version of ibdump.

Thanks for your response~