2 camera inputs with tracker in one ds pipe

Hi, i am using deepstream for object detection with a tracker, but i’m having an issue when using two cameras.

using: ROS2 dashing

In my case i have two topics of two realsense2 cameras which publish their images separately.

i want to run them both at the same time in my ds pipe but i can’t subscribe for two topics at the same time…

i thought about creating a node that creates a combined messages but i’m not sure it’s the best solution, and will be time and memory consuming

what i do now is reading 1 by 1, each from different camera, however my tracker won’t work for this solution.

any ideas?

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Hello Kesong,
I work with hyadid120.
We work with Jetson NX (aaeon boxer-8250ai).
Jetpack 4.6, Deepstream 6.0

Let me to sharpen the question.
We have ROS2 DeepStream node that subscribes to camera image and tracks the objects inside the image.
We have two publishers that publishes on the same node.
The detection works well and we get the results. The question is how to use tracker with two different sources?
Can one tracker track two different sources?

Suppose you can mux the two source with nvstreammux. So the nvtracker will track the two source.

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