2019.6: Font corruption on glFlush()

Just took 2019.6 for a spin on our engine. In the Frame Debugger, I immediately noticed some font corruption for one call in the GL call trace at the top of the frame. This corruption does not occur in 2019.5.1.

In particular, the text “glFlush()” in the following call sequence renders as “glFlush()” in 2019.5.1, but in 2019.6 it renders using ~4 non-English characters (apparently from an Asian language).

The GL call sequence:

glQueryCounter( id, GL_TIMESTAMP )
glGetInteger64v( GL_TIMESTAMP, &GLint64Var );

The call sequence displayed in 2019.6:

glQueryCounter(GLuint id = '48', GLenum target = GL_TIMESTAMP)
<...trash characters...>
glGetInteger64v(GLenum pname = GL_TIMESTAMP, GLint64* params = {1574348945635474464})

My setup here:

  • GPU: RTX 2080 (non-Ti)
  • NV Driver: 431.60
  • Nsight Graphics: v2019.6.0.0 (Build 27607381)
  • OS: Win 10 Pro (v1809)

Hi Dark_Photon,

Thanks for reporting the issue. This seems a similar bug we’ve located in 2019.6 and should be fixed in the patched version 2019.6.1, which will be released on middle Dec. Sorry for the trouble.