24 bit color depth setting in NVIDIA control panel

Dear NVIDIA technical support team and experts.

I am developing a DP 1.4 equipment.

The equipment receives the following DP display signals from the PC(Windows 10) which has NVIDIA graphic card.

  • Resolution : 2920*1900, 60 Hz/120 Hz.

  • Color : 8 bit. RGB.

  • Color depth 24 bit.

  • Computer : i7 with Windows 10 and GeForce GTX 1050 Ti graphic card.

I tried to set the display by using NVIDIA control panel.

I can set the Resolution and 8 bit color, however I can not set the 24 bit color depth.

The only selectable color depth is 32 bit.

I should use 24 bit color depth.

Would you guide me to set 24 bit color depth?

I will really appreciate if I can get the answer or method.

It is very important for me to develop the system.

Thank you very much.

Ick-Sung Choi.