Dual 4K display control panel problem

After a reboot, my Nvidia Control Panel settings for output color depth and/or compression rate are wrong on my main monitor. I have two different displays, an AOC AG271UG and an Acer XV273K (the Acer being primary.)

The Acer displays compression keeps starting at 4:2:0 which it doesn’t support so I have to manually set it to 4:2:2 at every boot. Alternatively, it sometimes also sets my output depth from 10-bit down to 8-bit instead.

My setup is as follows

OS: Windows 10 Pro Insidir 18875
GPU: RTX 2080 Ti
Driver version: 425.31
Nvidia Control Panel system information: https://pastebin.com/1vzWVWKN

Primary monitor is set to 120 Hz 2160p 10-bit with 422 compression and Limited HDR. This one is a G-Sync compatible FreeSync monitor.
Secondary monitor is set to 60 Hz 2160p 8-bit with uncompressed RGB, no HDR. This one is a G-Sync monitor.