[304.88] X session scrambled upon X start

Occasionally i get scrambled X session screen when i start X. This happens in ~10% cases.
In some cases screen wasn’t scrambled but shifted downwards by ~50 pixels or so (mouse cursor moves in this shifted X screen area). In other cases part of X screen is rendered (quarter of it), being stretched all over display’s surface, with vertical stripes all over it (similar effect you see when you use magnifying loop on a CRT TV/Monitor).
To fix scrambled X session i have to switch to tty and then switch back to X session. Sometimes it helps, sometimes - it’s not and i have to use hard reset (in those rare cases it is even impossible to switch to tty) and pray next time i startx, i’ll get proper rendered X session screen.

Such driver’s behaviour was introduced since 304.60 drivers release. I had no such problems with prior drivers.

ps: i use fully updated Slackware 14.0, 32 bit; Geforce 7600GS, latest nvidia driver - 304.88.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (85.8 KB)

Ok, here’s what i’ve got just right now - another type of scrambled X session screen upon X’s start.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (89.7 KB)

Got this type of error right now.

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (90.4 KB)

I’m still experiencing this problem. If i’m not posting “UP!” every day doesn’t mean i fixed it.
I hope you, nVidia guys, will fix your drivers.

ps: in Windows XP (i’m a dual-boot user) i have no problems whatsoever. If it will help you somehow.

According to your bug report, your kernel is not configured correctly:

Does the problem go away if you boot with the vga=normal parameter on the kernel command line?

Thanks for your reply. I’ll try using “vga=normal” for a couple of weeks and let you know if it won’t help.
But why your drivers can’t work properly with framebuffer set to 1280x1024 (for example) resolution? Do i have to buy another videocard to use high resolution tty without such problems?

This problem was introduced in 304.60 driver. With previous drivers i had a “VGA console on the primary VGA device” and had no problems.

PS: nVidia, please, fix your drivers. I don’t want to use 640x480 tty (but will check if this works). And i don’t want to buy another card to drive vga console.

The framebuffer console driver interferes with normal driver operation by accessing the hardware behind the nvidia driver’s back. We can’t support systems where a different driver is changing the contents of memory while we’re trying to use it.

Unfortunately, using “vga=normal”, didn’t helped. All i got is one weird things got replaced by others (though bug, preventing me switching to tty, still happens as well) - it’s like i’m using an old crt and having heavy interferences going on at the same time.
I repeat, in Windows XP i have no problems. And prior to 304.60 driver version i had no problems in Linux as well. So it’s not my graphics card is dying or something.
I’m attaching screenshot of this glitch and bug report.
nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (97.4 KB)