3090 ti + Pimax 5k xr

Just bought a Gigabyte 3090 TI two days ago. I’m mainly using it for VR and I currently have a Pimax 5k xr. I was extremely disappointed to find out after that I bought the card that it does not work with my HMD.
Also reading the thread about the 8Kx which is open since May with no signs of progress from Nvidia at all.
I gave this card a two star rating at the online shop that I bought it and a warning comment to all who wish to use this card for VR. This is my first Nvidia card since over 10 years of using only AMD… was probably a mistake to switch.

Just for the Record my driver version is : 516.94 and PiTool version is Winver 21H1 Build 19043.1889 … not that any one cares I guess…

Kind Regards,
disappointed customer

Hello @gerhard11 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer community.

I am very sorry to hear that you are running into trouble with your VR HDM and the 3090TI.

Please check out this posting in out customer help section:
which you might find useful.

I also recommend you read the thread a bit later on in the discussion, some other users were also successful in contacting Pimax directly about the issue.

Obviously I am sad to hear that you are understandably unhappy with your purchase. Just let me say that the underlying issue, although I cannot share many details, is connected to a very specific part of the DP connection SW and HW where NVIDIA only has limited influence over. And while we have extensive testing in place, including also all the latest VR HMDs, there can always be something that slips through.

I sincerely hope you will get your setup working after talking to our customer service or Pimax’s!

Best of success with your projects!

I had already read the entire thread you refer to I had also seen the custhelp.com page. However… I managed to solve the issue now. I got a hint in another forum that the 3090 TI graphics cards have an issue with too low voltage on the DP. The solution is to use an active DP repeater. It’s really weird that Nvidia does not share that solution. My best guess is that you screwed up so bad you’d have to recall thousands of graphic cards for repair of what ever part is faulty and delivered too low voltage on the DP.
I will leave the two star rating for the card even if it works really nicely now with my Pimax VR. When the card is running it’s actually really good and a super smooth VR experience. But the Nvidia support and communication sucks to no end.

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