Pimax 8KX + 3090 ti


I purchased a Gigabyte 3090 ti GPU and own a Pimax 8KX headset. The headset is recognized by the USB port, but the DP connector is not recognized. It’s not clear to me what’s broken since some people report that it works.

Any support on this is highly appreciated.

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Hello @sami.amin2 and welcome to the NVIDIA developer forums!

I own a HP Reverb G2 myself and one thing that I found helped a lot for recognition is to power-cycle everything while it is connected. DP is not a real plug-and-play port, especially not with VR headsets.

If that does not help I usually just power-cycle the VR headset until the Windows Mixed Reality window pops-up, telling me about the newly connected device.

Other things you should look at are:

  • Is the “Monitor” maybe disabled in Graphics settings?
  • Make sure to install the latest versions of SteamVR, NVIDIA drivers and the Pimax drivers
  • Check that the DP port of your graphics card works with a normal monitor.
  • Try a different DP port on the GPU (it does not matter which you use, but in terms of "hot-plug events it could make a difference)
  • Don’t connect too many other monitors together with the VR headset. It should not be a problem for the card itself, unless you attach another 8k monitor and something on top, but PCIe Bandwidth might get to be a limiting factor.
  • Check with Pimax directly if an dhow the 3090TI is supported.

I hope this helps.

Hi there, thanks for the response. I went through the list and nothing helped unfortunately. It seems this is a known issue having gone through the release notes of the most recent driver update. Is there a fix planned anytime soon from Nvidia? I am a bit gutted since all my 3 rigs have been upgraded to the Rtx 3090ti…

Hi Sami,

Thank you for pointing out the release notes, I didn’t look at the latest ones yet.

The numbers in brackets behind the comment on Pimax HMDs not working on some 3090TI GPUs indicates that we have an internal bug open that tracks this issue. Unfortunately since it is internal I am not at liberty to disclose details or progress.

But suffice to say, since this is a highly desirable feature on a high-end GPU, this will be fixed as soon as we find a solution.

Thanks. Been using Nvidia for years now, and frankly speaking I have been extremely disappointed to find that the purchase of the highest end gpu (3 to be precise) is not compatible with a top tier vr headset. I really hope this gets resolved quickly.

I hear you!

We do have very extensive QA before release of our products and we also do have all the major VR HMDs at our disposal, only in this particular case our in-house testing did not encounter this problem.

Must admit that I am surprised this fell through the cracks at Nvidia. Could You share tentative timelines for a fix? I am concerned about the return of my investment with the 40 series around the corner.

Well, the problem itself is probably based on the DisplayPort compatibility and how the DP standard is implemented both in Hardware and Software. Which leads to a surprisingly big number of possible combinations of DP connectors both on the Add-In card side as well as the VR HMD side. Add the cable quality variations on top of that and it might not be that surprising anymore.

Regarding a timeline I need to ask for your understanding that such internal information is something we are not at liberty to share publicly. I am sorry.

I honestly don’t buy that argument. How come the hmd works on all cards except the Rtx 3090ti. This is your flagship card, and the lack of urgency to get this fixed is really disappointing. You should really tighten your driver testing processes before you slate other Organisations.

New driver release and issue not resolved. Truly speechless…

I just got my 3090 Ti today - bought specifically for the Pimax 8KX. And it doesn’t work. Please escalate. I just spent close to $15,000 total and I can’t run VR. because of this.

Hey Larry - I feel your pain. Upgraded both my rigs to Rtx 3090 ti (3 in total) and it’s extremely frustrating to see the lack of urgency to get this fixed. The problem has been known for over a month now (nearly 2). I am super disappointed…

I am starting to really get frustrated with the situation… it’s unimaginable that the highest tier gpu from Nvidia is struggling to work properly with VR headsets - and there is no resolution in Site for weeks now…

Calling out my challenges here as well. I have both a Reverb G2 and a Pimax 8KX - I upgraded from a 3070 to an evga 3090 TI FTW and now neither of my VR headsets work.

Is there any update on when this will be resolved? Theres already been one firmware upgrade with no fix.

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Really wish I saw this thread earlier. Just updated all 3 of my pc to the founders 3090 ti and now I can’t get my pimax 8k to work on any. I just spent stupid money to supposedly upgrade from a 6800xt to this. I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I am not being able to use my vr!

Hi everyone, welcome @scott84 to the NVIDIA developer forums.

I just wanted to leave a quick note on this issue so you don’t think we abandoned this thread or that we ignore you.

Since this problem affects our flagship GPU I can assure all of you that we are working hard on a solution. At the same time I am still not at liberty to disclose what the reason for the problem is or how it might be addressed, beside the fact that the overall situation is far from trivial. I am truly sorry.

But as soon as that changes and I am free to share I will give you a proper update.

Thank you for your patience!

I am extremely disappointed to say the least. The issue has been known for sometime now - and the fact that we do not have a solution yet is not acceptable.

Is there a goal in mind as to when nvidia would have a fix for this at least? Just seems that either this particular issue is not top priority or the company royally messed up and may not have a fix at all. Blows my mind that this was overlooked. And were not talking about a new headset t company that just started. Most people are upgrading their GPU for VR. I feel that for the past 2 months, there has been a lack of transparency here. At lease let us know how close you are with resolving this.

My hope is that it is either fixed relatively soon (I get that it’s not an easy fix), or there is a refund if it is unfixable. The ‘only’ reason I bought this is for the Pimax 8KX. I already have an RTX 3090 that works well enough. I just wanted ‘the best.’

Fully aligned with Larry. I spent over $6k to optimize vr performance up from the Rtx 3090…. Now I have 3 useless cards that are presumably the flag ship cards of Nvidia for this kind of purpose. Honestly, resources would be better spent on making sure the product works for the intended purpose rather than make a big deal about how the new hitman title is gonna run 1% better….