Pimax 8KX + 3090 ti

Update: I reached out to Pimax and they confirmed that we must all switch to the Fiber Optic cable. They are offering a discount if you purchase it through them. I personally didn’t want to wait so I went through Amazon. As soon as I switched the cable and plugged it in, it connected and works fine. Pimax should make some sort of announcement.

Fiber Optic cable to connect what to what?

The Pimax headset cable needs to be replaced to the new Fiber optic one. The new one will have 1 DP connection and one usb connection. These headset cables can be replaced. I didn’t know until my puppy chewed on it and I was freaking out. Thank God Pimax let me know it can be replaced lol

Can you provide a link to the product I need to use to replace the current cable? I contacted Pimax and they said:

  1. If your helmet is 8KX KDMAS, you can buy a fiber optic cable that can work
    If your helmet is 8KX DMAS, it is recommended to change to the KDMAS version
  2. Please update the graphics card driver to the latest
  3. Use a repeater, maybe solve the 3090TI problem

(repeater? what are they talking about?)

Frankly, their response tells me almost nothing. I’ve asked for a clarification but it sounds like you know exactly what to do :)

So I bought this: Amazon.com: 6m Fiber Optical Cable replacement for Pimax Vision Artisan, 5K, 8K Series VR Headset with USB-Powered Supply Models : Video Games

Hopefully that’s correct!

@larry14 That is the correct cable! Good luck!