30 bit color depth, hdmi, GTX 960?

I’m looking at getting a new 4K TV, and wondering how it will interface with my computer. The GTX 960 has the high speed hdmi interface required for UHD video, but I’m wondering if it supports 30 bit color depth as well.

I wonder this becasue the “depth30.html” file shipped with the nvidia binary driver docs says:

“Devices connected via DVI or HDMI, as well as laptop internal panels connected via LVDS, will be dithered to 8 or 6 bits per pixel.”

Is that really true on the newer Maxwell cards like the GTX 960? Will I need a Display Port->HDMI2 adapter if I actually want 30 bit color?

Not sure how to resolve your problem, but as a heads up, a lot of us are having problems getting 4K working at 60Hz over HDMI 2.0. You may want to hold off a while on investing in a 4K TV until that’s resolved… unless you’re okay with 30 Hz video :/