30bit color depth output


i’m trying to configure the Jetson Xavier NX to use 30 bit color depth video output from DP (HDMI same behavior).
I tried to define in xorg.conf file DefaultDepth to 30 and tried to use nvidia-xconfig in Jetpack 4.6 & 5.0 according to:
But i only get black screen with mouse cursor.
I verified that my monitor supports 30 bit with PC NVIDIA RTX3000 using NVIDIA control panel in Windows OS.
So how can i configure the Jetson?
I assume 30 bit is supported according to the nvidia-xconfig example (inside the link) and according to standard DP output from the Jetson.

We do not support the mode on Jetson platforms. Please use desktop GPU if you need the mode.

Thanks for the answer.
So the maximum bpp for Jetsons is 24 . Am i right?
Is this limitation for all Jetsons, meaning even for AGX Orin too?


May I ask the exact format? 30bit YUV from DP or HDMI?

Actually, i needed RGB 10 bits for each, but if yuv 30 bits is supported i maybe can managed.


RGB 10 bit is not supported. For RGB case, only below shall work if using DRM.

·       These color formats:

o   Indexed Color:

§  I8

   16 bit RGB:
§  R4G4B4A4, R5G6B5, A1R5G5B5, R5G5B5A1

   24 bit RGB:
§   A8R8G8B8, X8R8G8B8, A8B8G8R8, X8B8G8R8

   32 bit RGB:
§   A2R10G10B10, A2B10G10R10, X2BL10GL10RL10_XRBIAS, X2BL10GL10RL10_XVYCC,

   64 bit RGB:
§   R16_G16_B16_A16_NVBIAS, R16_G16_B16_A16

I tried to configure to 32 bit RGB with:
nvidia-xconfog -depth=32
But i got the following message:
Invalid depth: 32.
I tried to find how to update xorg.conf file mannually and no luck here either.
Can you write me please how can i configure “A2R10G10B10” color format?


Xorg does not support this format. You can only run this kind of format through the DRM framework.

Please refer to our drm sample first. MMAPI sample #08.

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