314 drivers breaking changes

Anyone else having problems with the 314 drivers? Once installed, the 3D models I render don’t show up anymore, (although 2D gui elements still display), reverting the driver allows things to display normally again, although I’d like to figure out what is going on? Rendering with OpenGL 4.2 Core profile.

I figured out my issue with the newer drivers.

It seems that the post 313.96 drivers have the ability to completely optimize out entire uniform blocks (if unused). This was an issue for me, because my application queries for uniform blocks at shader load time and assigns default binding points for uniform buffers.

Is there any GLSL directive with which to suppress this optimization? I’m using a uniform block across several shader programs, and although not every program uses every member of the block, I want to bind one uniform buffer object to all blocks, so that I only need to update the one buffer each rendering pass. This worked until the 314 drivers, and now i need to include unnecessary references to uniform block members in my shader programs in order to work around the optimization. Optimizations are great, when you want them …

I have the same use case in my work. And now I cannot use my ‘uniform blocks’ across my different shaders. I should review my entire Graphics Engine to make it work, but it’s not an option and I cannot do it.

If you have any information about this ‘bug’ (it’s a bug for me), I’m interested !