346.47 on Ubuntu 14.04, *2 Titan X, monitor output issues


I thought it was easy to achieve this:
I have 3 monitors. I want to plug 1 monitor into GPU(0) and 2 monitors into GPU(1), and they produce graphics for 3 monitors.

  • First I fire nvidia-settings GUI, it said I need a xorg.conf to save and activate new settings.
  • I don’t have one. So use “X :1 -configure” to create one and move it to /etc/X11
  • After reboot, pure black waiting for me. If I delete just created xorg.conf, monitors return to normal

So… I couldn’t find a way to dump my current X server setting as a starting point to further configuration. If I create new one, monitors couldn’t even work.

What should I do~~!

Thanks in advance.