390xx drivers and linux 6.0 kernel

So, the linux-6.0 kernel is around the corner, and i installed the linux-6.0-rc kernel on my arch linux install with nvidia-390xx driver installed via the aur, my gpu is a GT 730 Fermi 4GB DDR3, and newer drivers just show up a black screen

when depmod-ing the module, it shows up a compatibilty error
attaching the log below

just check and please fix the compatibilty, thanks

These drivers were released long before Linux 6.0, so a patch is required to restore compatibility.

The community or NVIDIA will do it sooner or later.

Why don’t you use nouveau btw? It’s not like you’ve got a gaming GPU which will be slowed down by using the open source driver.

  1. i tried apply 1 patch, and it did not work,
  2. i dont use noveau as the performance while running the normal desktop is also terrible for me, i run kde and while running it with blur makes it laggg bad, while using the proprietary driver, it works fine
    i noticed the same with gnome, and xfce
    build log after patch- 89d2655