[396.45] [390.77] [KDE] Icon glitches after suspend


I am using KUbuntu 18.04 with SDDM and the NVIDIA driver 396.24. Upon resuming from suspend, the user icon displayed by the SDDM login manager is glitched (see attachment). The glitch also sometimes happens on application icons in the taskbar (panel).

nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (151 KB)

396.18 didn’t have the issue?

I think it did.

However, nouveau does not and after several days of testing it seems that 390.77 also does not on the login screen, but some similar glitches are present (for example when displaying the system configuration GUI) and it is frequently the case that kwin is restarted because of a crash (roughly every second time).

Today I experienced glitches with 390 similar to those with 396. Updating thread title accordingly.