3D Apps on TX1

Do you know of any game engine or 3D app pipeline that I can use to build 3D applications that’ll run on the TX1?


I’m not sure what the state of Blender is on TX1. I think some efforts have gone into testing it. TX1 right now on L4T runs a 32-bit user space and 64-bit kernel space which complicates things (or simplifies things for JTK1, which is pure 32-bit). The next release of L4T for JTX1 is expected to be pure 64-bit, so the odds of making Blender function there go way up.

Sadly, Blender is not really a game engine as you want, but it does have some game engine support abilities in that realm. The general 3D support is complete as OpenGL, OpenGLES, and Vulkan are all supported. I doubt writing something from scratch is what you want, but when that next L4T release comes out it’s probably the right time to start testing again.

Thanks for the reply linuxdev!

I don’t actually need the engine to run on the TX1, as long as I can create a build for the TX1 (or Linux ARM) and it’ll work. For example, if I could create a Unity app on my Mac and then generate a build for Linux ARM, that’d be exactly what I need, but I can’t do that since Unity doesn’t support that. Any other suggestions?

This has been something I know a lot of people want, especially since the Oculus Rift has come along (and a JTX1 would be a great partner with an Oculus). There was some successful experimentation with Oculus on the Jetson TK1 (without Unity), and of course Unity API works with Oculus. Unfortunately, Unity is one of those things which require money to develop with, and is not easy to get source code for porting to Jetsons. So currently I do not know of any popular or commercial game/3D-content engines which run on a Jetson. With the upcoming change to the next L4T release to go pure 64-bit in both user and kernel space it might be useful to wait to do any porting anyway.

Full Oculus support probably wouldn’t be possible even on a TX1, since the fastest Mac you can buy can’t keep up with the HW requirements for Oculus: https://www.aivanet.com/2016/03/oculus-founder-luckey-slams-apple-no-mac-oculus-rift-support-for-now/

Even on the x86 side you need a pretty beefy Nvidia card for Oculus.