Android on TX1?

I booted up my newly received TX1 last night and it booted into Android. Should I just boot into recovery and flash the latest JetPack?

TX1 arrives with Linux4Tegra R23.1 (L4T), which is basically Ubuntu 14.04LTS. There shouldn’t be Android on it unless it has been flashed to this already (Android on Jetson TX1 is not officially supported, but there are ports available from third parties).

The latest available L4T is still R23.1, but a release is expected some time this month. Having JetPack does allow you to install host tools and not just the Jetson TX1…JetPack has customizable options as to picking available install features, e.g., installing demo CUDA code or desktop PC CUDA.

You sure you have a TX1 and not a TK1? What version of android does it have?

Can you make a backup of it? :)

Hi guys!

What are some third party ports of Android for TX1?

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As far as I know, there is no Android BSP for the Nvidia Jetson TX1 (yet).
Subscribed if someone else can proof me wrong…