3D model of Jetson TX2 Dev Kit P2597 rev 699-82597-0000-900(?)


Is there an updated STEP model for the Jetson TX2 Dev Kit with revision number(?) “699-82597-0000-900”. The previous version seems to be “699-82597-0000-501”, and corresponds well with the DLC link:

In the “-900” he SATA connector (J1) has moved from vertical to horizontal, which is great, as now we can use both SATA and PCIe at the same time, but it changes the outline of the board. There is also a new header, J10, next to J17, that would be useful to have as well.


Hi, not sure about your question. The current STEP file in DLC is right for 699-82597-0000-900, (board rev. C02).

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So it does. Huh. I must have kept opening the wrong one.