Jetson TX2 Developer Kit 3D CAD STEP Model

Is there a 3D STEP file for the TX2 Developer Kit (Model: P2597)?

I can see there’s a STEP file for the TX1 Developer kit (Model: P2371) but is this STEP file applicable to both the TX1 & TX2 developer kits?


Hi, there is STEP file for carrier board and also the file for module.

The file of module as below:

Thanks Trumany. Can you confirm the TX2 Developer board layout is the same as the TX1 layout as defined in this TX1 STEP file, my concern is they have different model numbers:

FYI, the carrier boards are interchangeable. The earliest carriers did not have all of the power indicator LEDs, but are otherwise the same.

The carrier board of TX2 is same to that of TX1.

I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation but the stp model (75.4mm x 38.4mm hole pattern) doesn’t match what I have in my hand, (80mm X 41.5mm hole pattern)
(also the two stp files are .2mm different from each other.)

Hi, the file you have shared here is the Jetson TX2 module?

Do you have a step file for the Jetson TX2 Developer Kit as shown here:

I’m trying to create my own casing.