3D Model from Jetson Xavier NX module

Hi there,
we are currently developing a motherboard for the Jetson Xavier NX and we would like to provide some mechamical rendenring with more realism to the customer. The currently provided step model under Downloads section is rather innacurate and very rudimentary.
We have from the previous model(Jetson nano) a real 3D model .

Its not possible to provide a 3D model from the JEtson Xavier NX as well ?

Hi, do you mean the step file of devkit? https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-xavier-nx-developer-kit-3d-cad-step-model-p3518

No I mean the step file for the module/ envelop.
I am aware that at the moment there are two step files under https://developer.nvidia.com/embedded/downloads#?tx=$product,jetson_xavier_nx
The kit
and the Module it self

But in all those step models none of them is a real representation from the Jetson Xavier NX module. They are a basic representation from the module . There are no Flash, RAM, etc ICs, resistors, capacitor, inductors etc etc on it.
For designing a custom carrier board with custom thermal interface and providing a product previews realistics rendering we would need to have the Step file that you guys(Nvidia Hw dev dep) generate from ORCAd or Cadence.
Like the one from the jetson nano was provided you can see from the previous post pictures).
You believe this would be possible to provide?

Hi, the existed files in DLC are what we can provide currently. For thermal design, please refer to the thermal design guide doc too.

Ok I guess we will have to create one our selfs.

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