3D model for Xavier NX module


we are currently designing a carrier board for the Xavier NX with the available 3D model. Unfortunately this model isn’t that accurate. So I wanted to ask if there is a more accurate 3D Model of the Xavier NX.

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What we have are already provided at Jetson Download Center | NVIDIA Developer

is there a more accurate step model of the NX module? The 3D Model in your download center is a very simplified one.

There are models files of module and devkit in DLC. Please tell your request in detail.

Your 3D model shows areas where the components can be a specific hight.

I would like to have an 3D model of the NX module with the acutal components, that look more like the real NX module.

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The component heights are not given because they may vary depending on the component source used.

The model shows the maxim height that the components will be, you can check for clearance.

And can you tell why you need the exact height of the components as stated we cannot guarantee the height below the model? If you are doing thermal design – you can purchase a thermal solution from one of our 3rd party partners in Ecosystem who make them if possible (Connect tech is one)


We are designing a custom thermal solution for the NX Module so it would be good for us to come as close as possible to the real NX module with the 3D Model. However, we already did an prototype of our thermal solution and saw that we can improve it in some areas. To make it easier for us a more accurate 3D Model would be welcome.

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I also got anther question. Does the height of the SoC also vary and if so how much?

SoC Height is 2.28±0.15mm.

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