Height of Nano CPU Die and Memory

We are designing a heat sink for Jetson Nano SOM for our project.
For selection of thermal pad, we need to know the height of CPU and memory.
However, the numbers can’t be found in datasheet and thermal design guide.
Would you please help to provide it, and it’s tolerance?


Please refer to this topic: 3D model for Xavier NX module


  1. The topic is for Xavier NX. Is the reply applicable to Nano?
  2. The memory chip may vary, so we can design thermal solution based on the height from 3D model, right?
  3. Nano CPU shouldn’t be changed, how height is it?


The component heights are not given because they may vary depending on the component source used.

The model shows the maxim height that the components will be, you can check for clearance.

And can you tell why you need the exact height of the components as stated we cannot guarantee the height below the model? If you are doing thermal design – you can purchase a thermal solution from one of our 3rd party partners in Ecosystem who make them if possible (Connect tech is one)


Hi Trumany,
We are now designing a system without FAN for Jetson Nano. The case is designed by ourselves. Therefore, the precise component height is useful for us to design heat sink and choose thermal pad. Is there really no height information of CPU and memory? Any other suggestion for thermal design if no above data can be provided?

You can try soft tip on the top of chip if necessary. Or leave a reasonable tolerance for heat sink.

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