Jetson nano developer kit heat sink design modification(Fin height reduction)

We have implemented a sophisticated algorithm which ensures that the maximum temperature of the CPU( NVIDIA® Tegra® X1) will not cross 55.5 degree Celsius. So, based on this we would like to reduce the form factor (Mainly to reduce the fin heights) of the original heat sink provided by Nvidia.
Can you please help me out in finding the thermal resistance of the heat sink.
please tell by what factor the height of fins should be reduced such that heat is dissipated properly for the max temperature of 55.5 degree Celsius with ambient temperature 35 degree Celsius.

Hi, we don’t provide that of devkit. Devkit is for development only, should not be used for product. For custom thermal solution design, please refer to the Thermal Design Guide doc in DLC.

Jetson Nano Thermal Design Guide

How are the heights of fins determined and how is the geometry created in heat sink design, considering factors beyond the routine aspects?

Hi, we don’t share that of devkit. Please make your custom thermal solution following the guide if necessary.