LPDDR4 RAM Memory cooling required for Xavier NX?

Hello NX Team,

after carefully reading the Thermal Design Guide I’m still missing some information.
Our device will be operated at 60°C ambient temperature. It will be possible to keep the SoC below 86°C with a good attachment to the housing, but the housing temperature might rise to 80°C.
The Thermal Design Guide requires, that the LPDDR4x Memory and some other components shall be kept below 85°C. Whether we can achieve this depends on the power that is produced by these components.

Could you pls. specify an air temperature inside the housing for a safe operation?
Alternatively could you pls. specify the worst-case power and Rth-JA for the Memory Chips? That’s required to desing a cooling solution.

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Hi, no air temperature spec as only the Tj of all components in thermal specification table is the target of custom thermal solution design. The power consumption/distribution is not a constant and decided by use case. So customer needs to get the real/estimated power consumption of heaviest workload first and then calculate the θja based on the Tamp, Tj and Power. And then make a thermal solution accordingly.

Hi, I have the same question. Yes, the power level depends on the use case; but there must be a max power level for this memory. Or you could tell us the part number for this part; so we can check the datasheet for info we need.

Hi Dinceb,

Please help to open a new topic for your issue. Thanks