Xavier NX TDG Heat Generation Monitoring

As I look at the thermal design guide for the Jetson Xavier NX, I notice that the board level components fall into one of three catagories: Components that will be contacted and need to be monitored, Components that must be monitored, and Miscellaneous. However, I’m curious as to why certain components, such as the eMMC and the PMIC, which generate more power than the LPDDR4X Memory, aren’t considered to be components that should be monitored even though the LPDDR4X Memory is. The design I’m implementing this module in is currently only sinking heat from the Memory and the SoC, but thermal simulations I’m running show that the eMMC and PMIC are components of concern as well due to their level of power generation. Why are they not “Components that must be monitored” if they generate more heat than the Memory chips? Do they only generate this amount of heat in short bursts?

Hi, the Tcase is the design threshold for all these components no matter which category they belong to. The SoC and DDR are more sensitive to the temperature which need to be handled in prior.

I’m having trouble understanding the second part of your statement, “The SoC and DDR are more sensitive to the temperature which need to be handled in prior.” Can you please clarify? Also, is it possible to get the maximum junction temperature of the components in addition to the maximum case temperature?

SoC and DDR are more sensitive to thermal temperature.

SoC Tj 105C is listed in the guide. For others, Tcase is the threshold.

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