Mechanical Compatibility: Orin NX and Xavier NX

Hi there,
I am currently upgrading a system that use the Xavier NX modules to the new Orin NX platform and seams like there is some minor differences that need to be minded for the new heat sink design.
Could you please confirm the following differences?

  1. increased height from Inductors SoC of 0,385mm?
  2. increased height from Inductors 4 and 6 of 2,08mm

Many thanks!

Hi, you can get the Thermal Design Guide and 3D step model file of Xavier NX and Orin NX in DLC. Please follow that to make design.

Hi @Trumany ,thanks for your reply. Yes that I saw already and thats why I am writing here.
Is this heights increase intentional ? Because this means that Heatsinks used in the Xavier NX products cannot be used with Orin NX.

Yes, as said in TDG: It provides a 3D CAD model that shows an envelope that the board components will not exceed. Any heat sink should be designed to not intrude into the envelope.

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