Orin NX and Orin Nano mechanical drawing

Can you pls help to check this? As these information is not shown in the Orin Nano SOM and Orin NX SOM 2D/3D drawing.
1.The die dimension and die Z height of Orin Nano SOM and Orin NX SOM.
2.The component keep out area of Orin Nano SOM and Orin NX SOM.
Thank you.

Here comes the update from internal team as your reference:

Below is what is in the Orin NX/Nano DS for mechanicals.

1.The die dimension and die Z height of Orin Nano SOM and Orin NX SOM.
We provide the height of the Orin SoC and the location. We do not include the height of the die only. They should be able to design their thermal solution such that it contacts the die (with TIM between).
I believe there are on-package caps on the top of the SoC that are shorter than the die. If they avoid going below the height shown in the mechanicals below for the full size of the SoC they should be OK.

2.The component keep out area of Orin Nano SOM and Orin NX SOM.
I am not sure what they are asking unless it is keepout around the die area. As I mention above, we give just the overall height of the SoC which is determined by the height of the die. They should avoid
having their thermal solution go below the level of the height shown below for the full size of the SoC.


So the Orin NX die height (Z direction) is 2.326mm to 2.626mm tall referenced from the Orin PCB as given by the Step file and the Nano data sheet?

But what are the X and Y direction dimensions of the die itself? And is the die centrally located on the SoC?

I need this info to design the heat sink and thermal interface material which (as I understand it) must contact the die area rather than the whole SoC area.


Hi, please refer to the Thermal Design Guide doc in DLC for the heat sink design.

Compare as below doc and find out as below:
Module 3D CAD STEP file can’t match thermal design guide doc (page 20 Figure 4-1 Envelope View )
Could you dobule confirm SoC die area (X/Y/Z dimensions) ,to make sure Heatsink can cover and profect contact

—Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Orin Nano Module 3D CAD STEP model (release date 2022/09/28)
—Jetson Orin NX Series Thermal Design Guide (release date 2022/09/28)

Please refer to the Package Drawing and Dimensions in Orin Nano DS: https://developer.nvidia.com/jetson-orin-nano-series-data-sheet

Packing drawing dimensions in Orin Nano doc can’t find SoC die area and X-Y dimensions.
Any other doc show SoC die area location and height for reference?thanks.

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The information that gate49 is requesting is exactly the same information that I need urgently too.

So far, none of the replies in the forum or the documentation in the developer area answers this question yet.

Hi, please refer to below info:

The mechanical drawings do have the size (x/y) and center of the SoC. It is square, you can have the full dimensions and location of the SoC from those mechanicals. We do not indicate the size of the die only, which is the highest part of the SoC. We only show the height. We have not provided the die size/location, only the overall SoC size/location.

Hi Trumany,

Thanks for your reply.

I understand that the SoC dimensions, shape and height are shown in the mechanical drawings but it is the die size and location that I need!

Please correct me if I’m wrong… but to provide the necessary cooling it is the die area which needs to be contacted with thermal interface material and heat sink. Without this die size information I can’t finalise heat sink and interface material design.

Note that the equivalent information for the Xavier NX product is included in its step file!


Hi, a new STEP model file as attached will be released to DLC in about a week.
Jetson_Orin_NX_Orin_Nano_Module_3D_STEP_Model.stp (2.5 MB)

Below is what you will see in the new STEP file.

The Orin Nano Data Sheet has the SoC height with tolerances. The model doesn’t have tolerances for the location/size, but the TIM placement doesn’t have to be that precise. The white area is the die. The area around the die is an envelope version of the rest of the top of the SoC. This area should not be encroached on as there are on-module caps that could be damaged.

Hi Trumany, that’s great, thanks for your help and providing this new STEP file.

Hi Trumany:
Thanks again and reply for this topic.


I have just noticed that there is now a difference between the mechanical drawing in the Orin nano data sheet (page 34) and the latest step file (version 20221014).

The difference is between the maximum component heights on the SoC side of the board.

The drawing states 5.08mm max and 4.08mm max, but the 3D step file measures 3mm and 2.245mm respectively. Please see attached pic.

Please could you confirm whether it is the Step file or the drawing which is correct?

It is the Orin NX product I am interested in.


Relevant documents:
Jetson Orin NX Series and Jetson Orin Nano Module 3D CAD STEP model 20221014, uploaded 2022/10/24

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There will be a new 3D model and a module datasheet with new 2D dimensions released soon.