Jetson Orin NX LPDDR5 Dimensions

I am designing a heatsink for the Orin NX16GB to touch down on the T234 TE980-M and LPDDR5’s but can’t locate and XY dimensions for the LPDDR5’s in the mechanical drawings or STEP file.
Can someone please confirm the XY dimensions, placement, and height of the LPDDR5s?
Thank you.

Hi, we don’t release that. For heatsink design, please refer to the info in TDG: NVIDIA provides a 3D CAD file (STP format) of the Jetson Orin NX module on the downloads section of the “NVIDIA Developers Website.”
It provides a 3D CAD model that shows an envelope that the board components will not exceed. Any heat sink should be designed to not intrude into the envelope. The heat sink should be referenced to the SoC die area (Highlighted).

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