Third party heatsink / fan options for the Orin NX 16GB module

I have been advised that the “official” cooling solution for the Orin NX 16GB is not likely to be available until the end of March (originally planned for Jan / Feb).

Does any know if there are any 3rd party solutions?

Alternatively, is it possible to machine the Xavier NX (or other) heatsinks and get them to fit. I’m getting sufficiently desperate that I might buy one and try it…

Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated.


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Hi, for 3rd party solutions please check with the vendors in ecosystem:

For Orin NX heatsink, please refer to the Orin TDG in DLC:

Thanks for the reply. I had already called a number of suppliers and they all seem to be waiting on the Chinese manufacturer.

Anyway, I decided to modify an Xavier NX compatible heatsink (see part number 114992746 from Seed Studio). It has a slight larger fan and longer cable, so seemed ideal. To make it fit I had to mill four areas on the underside. I deepened the two existing component cutouts by 1.5mm and had to add two new 1.5mm cutouts at the top right & left for the addition two Orin NX specific components, see attached photos.

It works very well, using the “cool” fan profile and with the GPU maxed out, the temperatures are a little over 50 degrees C (although the CPU only had a modest load).

I still would like an update when the official ones get available especially since it is pretty much end of march. Is there an official one coming? @Trumany

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