US source for Orin Nano heatsink?

I’ve got an Orin Nano and SeeedStudio carrier board enroute to me, but I’m having trouble finding a heatsink. Seeed’s heatsinks won’t be shipped till Apr 20 at the earliest, and the shipping price is exorbitant for anything better than 30 day transit times. I found another supplier that only ships to Europe.

Can I get any small CPU cooler to mount to my module? Does anyone know where I can get a proper heat sink? Thanks!

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Hope someone has some info can be share. Also you can check with the vendors in ecosystem for this.

That doesn’t seem like a very practical way to search. I tried a few at random. The list developer kits and carrier boards, but none showed just a heat sink. I’d have to email each one to ask. Not practical at all.

In a pinch I was able to grind down a corner of a Xavier NX heat sink and get it to mount right. They appear to be nearly identical, except for a square inductor that is taller on the Orin Nano.

It’s not pretty and it’s not a production solution, but it’ll get individual modules up and running for testing and development.


Thanks, @Hoss, I can probably work with that. The CAD files aren’t detailed enough to show the actual heights of the components on the board, but I can still stick it in my milling machine to make room for that inductor. Thanks!

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I ended up purchasing a couple of heatsinks from Auvidea. Annoying the modules are available but no official heatsink.

I got word back from Auvidea that the Xavier NZ heat sinks can be used:

We have the heatsink and fan for Orin Xavier NX what you can also use as
heatsink for Orin Nano.
Bellow you can find the link:
Heatsink and FAN for NVIDIA® Jetson Xavier NX, Orin NX – Auvidea
Please note that you would get the leaf spring and screws for Orin Nano.

I ended up ordering a couple of those from Mouser, but then canceled my Orin Nano module and got the Dev Kit instead, so…alas.

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