Temporary Jetson Orin NX Cooling Option

Jetson Orin NX is available now for order and ship through distribution, but the official heatsink apparently will not be available until late February. The part numbers of the Jetson Orin NX and Jetson Xavier NX heatsinks are different, which leads me to believe there are physical differences. If this is the case, will NVIDIA officially support use of the Jetson Xavier NX heatsink on Jetson Orin NX in the interim? Are there any specific installation requirements or instructions?

Heatsink for Xavier NX won’t work. If you put it on Orin NX it touches the inductors and it’s impossible for the heatsink to touch the chip itself. I’m thinking maybe a thermopad could be used temporarily?

No, they are different. For heatsink info please refer to Thermal Design Guide in DLC.

Thanks. I have the thermal document. Just waiting for the referenced parts to become available through local distribution.

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