Heatsink for jetson Orion nx


I am currently utilizing the Jetson Xavier NX heatsink provided by Seeed Studio (Jetson Xavier NX Module Heatsink - Seeed Studio). It is secured using the appropriate screw size and appears to be functioning as intended. The temperature does not surpass 50 degrees Celsius during operation. I am seeking clarification regarding its suitability for prolonged use and whether there are any circumstances under which it may pose a risk of damaging the board.


There does not seem to be a lot of variance in coolers for the Jetsons(or at least more recent ones). The cooler looks to flat, so as long all of the chips make contact with the cooler and can displace the heat through it, you will be fine. If you take the cooler off, you will be able to tell by the thermal grease if everything is in contact.

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