Jetson Xavier NX Heatsink

We bought the NX module recently and it doesn’t come with a heatsink. Does anyone know whether one is needed and if so where to get one from?



Yes, a heatsink is needed. I just ordered a Xavier NX module and intend to install it in my
Nano Development carrier version B02. (It does not work in the original Nano Dev Kit.)

It says here

that Readore Limited in China offers the reference heatsink and leaf spring and shoulder screws
for the NX, but only with a minimum order of 50 sets (50 heatsinks, 50 springs, 200 screws), all of
which might be only $181 plus shipping. If anyone has already placed an order for these, I
would like to buy a set from you. If I hear no such happy news i the next few days, I will contact
Readore to verify the price and availability, and probably order 50 sets and probably offer them
on eBay for $20 each, free shipping to USA addresses by priority mail.


I contacted Readore and I have been told that they dont have Heatsink Raw Materials,and they will have the finished product after May 18th.
Let me know if someone got Heatsinks before.
Thank you.

I am also looking for heatsinks for a Xavier NX that should arrive next week. I have emailed the contacts on, but from reading what jarosky says here it seems it will not be quick to get something from there. Or maybe Connecttech can deliver? To the people who has received their Xavier NX and have it up and running: what heatsinks are you using?

From the step file of the NX it seems the jetson nano heatsink cannot be used because of the inductors on the sides that are higher than the main die? Otherwise drilling and tapping new holes in the nano heatink would be a great option…

As a plan B I designed my own heatsink in CAD, and if there is no solution popping up here then I will place an order for that to be machined… It seems a bit overkill though :)

I hope there’s a better solution soon…

The inductors on the sides are definitely higher than the main die. The nano heatsink has a well cutout for those, but thats only on one side.

Best thing for now seems to be the Dev board, hopefully a heatsink is released for the production module

I ended up ordering my own design from a chinese prototype shop - it turned out both faster and cheaper than something ready made (!) I can share the files if there is interest in it. But the best choice at the moment seems to be the dev-kit though. After emailing with some suppliers I think there are also ready-made solutions that will appear in regular channels soon.


It appears that Auvidea will be selling the Readore heat sink / fan / leaf spring & screws, about 10 euros plus shipping. (go to their “Shop” page and search “heat sink”. The part numbers match the Readore part numbers.). Mouser is taking orders for the same items (on behalf of Auvidea) for about $19 delivered in US with 2nd day delivery, but they show a 4-week delivery estimate. I just ordered mine from Mouser.

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Hi. Any chance to share those files you mention in your post ?

Sure :)
Here is a dropbox link to the .step file:

Edit: It is not perfect! You will need to use M3 screws direct through the NX to fasten it, which means you run the risk of cracking it if you tighten too much. I actually did a part to go on the back of it, but my tolerances were off so it looks like it will short the components… Also, the screw to strap down the NX in the socket is not so easy to access. And it’s heavy since it is made for cheap CNC manufacturing. …But apart from that I’m happy with it!

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On my experience, i am using Nano B01 carrier board with NX Module and bought a heatsink from amazon and drill it to match NX size. As you can see i also attached the Nano heatsink to make it more powerful and i also used the fan from the TK1 developer kit. Likewise, inductors located nearby the SOC are not touching the heatsink.