Passive heatsink / case


Does anyone have any experience using an NX with a passive heatsink?

Connected Tech lists one on their website but I don’t have the impression that they are actually for sale individually. Even so, I have the feeling that thermal throttling would be required quite quickly.

They also list a “thermal transfer plate” which I imagine could be bolted to a much larger lump of metal, or even some sort of thermosiphon.

Then Axiomtek, Aaeon and others have custom NX-based products that seem to be fanless, but they are complete systems, not cases for the dev kit.

What’s the best option for a silent NX dev kit?

Thanks, Phil.

Hi, hope some someone has such experience can be shared. In general, there is a thermal design guide doc for your reference:

You can check in ecosystem for see if any third-party vendors have such silent solution.