Xavier Jetson NX Passive Cooling

Hey everyone,

I am looking to design some sort of heating piping/Passive heat sink solution rather than using the fan in the Xavier Jetson NX Developer Kit.

Wanted to see if someone has an implementation already build for some ideas/guidance on necessary parameters to design around.

Definitely an operating temperature, the current amount of heat transfer out of the unit in order to maintain that temperature. So I am am hoping to use a set of fins that run distinctly using natural and forced convection.

Maybe there would be some other considerations that I am missing, but these are the main ones I am concerned with … I think.

I can only suggest to study the thermal design guide first, to understand the system-level thermal, mechanical and qualification requirements for the Jetson Xavier NX.
See: Jetson Xavier NX Thermal Design Guide
Hope other developers can share experiences with you.

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