Where & When to Purchase Authentic Jetson Xavier NX

Been creating projects on several Jetson Nano boards for the last few years. I have 3. I need more boards but cannot find the 4gb modules anymore. And sadly, NVIDIA has decided to stop the JetPack updates - 5.0.1 does not support Nano. So I want to advance to the Xavier NX kit or the new Orin, but they are not in stock in trusted shops. I checked Amazon, Arrow and Seeed Studios. When is NVIDIA expected to ship more? Where can one purchase an authentic one?

Thank you.

Hi @xplanescientist, Jetson AGX Orin is expected to be back in stock soon, so if you are interested in that device I would recommend placing an order for it awhile. It appears that Amazon and Seeed are open for orders and will ship the units out as they receive them.

EDIT: Arrow is now showing as available too

What about the Xavier NX developer kit? Will it be available for purchase soon, or is the plan to discontinue it? I started with the Nano 4gb. Xavier NX is a good stepping stone to Orin, both technically and price. Seeed Studio prices the Xavier NX at $399, and Orin Dev Kit at $1999. Hopefully the Xavier NX will be available soon, or a cheaper version of the Orin.

It’s not the plan to discontinue the Xavier NX Developer Kit, but I’m also not sure when it will be off backorder at the various distributors as much of the supply is going to the production Xavier NX modules right now (due to various manufacturing and supply chain constraints).

So the alternative would be to get a Xavier NX module or one of these partner development systems. Sorry for the inconvenience during these times.

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